Green Tea For Cleansing Your Body From Toxins

Many Asian countries, including China, India, Japan and Thailand have consumed green tea for centuries. Recently, it has become popular in Western countries as well. Many people prefer green tea to coffee, as it has numerous medicinal properties. Green tea purifies and cleanses our body from toxins. It boosts your metabolism and keeps you full of energy. It cleans your colon and improves your overall health.
If you feel sluggish and out of sync or have skin problems, you can understand that toxins get accumulated in your body. In day to day life, we are exposed to various toxic substances. Cleansing detergents, medications, cosmetic products, tobacco, alcohol and impure air and water can induce toxins get accumulate in your body. Regular consumption of green tea cleanses your blood, removing impurities.
Green tea made from the Camellia sinensis plant is rich in antioxidants called catechin polyphenols. Researchers have proved that catechins are more powerful than Vitamin C and E. They can protect the body from the damages caused by free radicals and toxins that exist in the environment. Free radical damages can lead to diseases like heart diseases, skin disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease, lung and colon cancer and so on. Toxins and free radicals can cause your skin to age too early. They may make you feel tired, depressed and drowsy. Drinking five to ten cups of green tea can cleanse your body from harmful toxins and help you stay active and healthy.

Regular consumption of green tea helps you combat the effects of free radicals and eliminate toxins from your body. It helps to restore your energy and make you feel active. You can get many other beneficial effects like enhanced immune system to fights various diseases and allergies, improved digestive system and stress relief. It can also provide great relief from joint pain. Detoxification helps you fight against addictions and craving.

Though there are numerous detoxification procedures, green tea is preferred by many people. It does not cause any harmful side effects. It soothes your skin, giving it a healthy glow. Its antioxidant properties protect it from dangerous elements in the environment. It has healing properties that increase your health.

Eating healthy, balanced diet and exercising are the most important keys to stay healthy. Another crucial factor in good health comes by cleansing your body from toxins. Detoxifying medications may clean out your body, but may cause side effects like nausea. Green tea, on the other hand, not only helps your body eliminate toxins, but also help you get important antioxidants.

Green tea boosts the production of glutathione S-transferase that plays an important role n defending body from cancer causing chemicals and toxins. A clinical study has proved that active chemicals in green tea can increase detoxification enzymes in your body. The chemicals offer great protection against cancer. Drinking green tea regularly and taking many vegetables and fruits help your body eliminate toxins naturally. Once the harmful toxins are eliminated from your body, you will feel more energetic and healthier.

5 thoughts on “Green Tea For Cleansing Your Body From Toxins

  1. Alexander – I find your comment very interesting. I just had the flu and began drinking green tea. Interestingly enough, I sweat both evenings that I drank it and started to feel better. I do think it has detoxifying capabilities and I will continue to drink it.

  2. I’ve definitely found this to be true, too. When I sit down and drink several small pots of green tea (which I do pretty often), it makes me sweat. Some of it is probably the caffeine, some green tea’s detoxifying capabilities. I also find that certain teas make me sweat more… particularly Taiwanese Wulong teas.

  3. Green tea causes you to sweat because it promotes thermogenesis in the body. This is simply the temperature of the body being raised causing you to sweat and additionally to lose weight as the thermogenic processes causes one to expend energy, our in other words to burn calories.

  4. The best Green Tea in MY opinion is DoMatcha.
    Also, I would like to say people are misinformed about the caffeine in Green Tea. It is not the same as coffee, chocolate, etc. These caffeine’s are much harsher than the caffeine in Green Tea.
    Research yourself, be informed!

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