How Drinking Green Tea is Like Smoking

The Japanese green tea ceremony. I’ve been watching videos of people performing the tea ceremony on youtube lately. Someday I’m going to get the equipment to do it. But to me, the tea ceremony is a really neat cultural thing. Even just sharing tea with a guest. There’s something that highly appeals to me about sharing tea with people. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it allows me to connect to them more than I would just sitting around and talking. I think of how this special social bond is illustrated in shows like The Last Airbender (even though it’s an American show, it bases the culture within the show on Asian culture), and Fullmetal Alchemist.

How Drinking Tea is Like Smoking

The process and ceremony of preparing both Chinese and Japanese tea is something to do, and the tea is something to share together; a shared experience together over which to bond as people. To me, it’s a bit like smoking in a group. Sure you can smoke on your own, but when you’re sitting on the back porch smoking pipes and cigars together and discussing philosophy, there’s something inherently right and social about such a circumstance. I feel like sharing tea is a lot like that; it gives you something to do together with someone. Different cultures have different little social ceremonies like this… most of them revolving around food and drink. I know that in South America Yerba Mate is a social drink like Green Tea is in Asia.

I’ve been watching videos of the Japanese tea ceremony lately, and I just find it a really cool thing. Like I said before, one of my goals in life is to participate someday. Maybe I’ll even have a tea room in my house.

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