Sweet Old Japanese Tea Farmer

This is a cool video. I was surfing around youtube this evening and came across it. Here’s the description from the youtube video.

While hiking in the mountains recently I met an 80 year old man who invited me to visit his mountain top green tea farm. The man bought and cleared the land at the top of this mountain over 60 years ago and has been climbing the mountain ever since to tend and care for his fields. He is one of the last tea farmers in the area to harvest all of his tea by hand and he uses no machines to assist in bringing the tea down the mountain. The large basket he carries on this back will be filled with the day’s harvest before he returns home in the evening. This man was very proud of his tea fields and his family’s long history of farming the mountains of the Japan Southern Alps.

If you ask me that’s pretty cool. I’m somewhat jealous. I’d love to have a little tea farm at the top of a mountain to take care of. Can you imagine how simple life would be, getting up early every morning, hiking up a mountain, and caring for a small tea farm? To me, life couldn’t get much better than that. I wonder how much he sells his tea for… and I wonder how he processes it. I assume it mus be without machinery. Anyways. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Old Japanese Tea Farmer

  1. That’s awesome, Caleb! I can see you as an old man doing just that! You need to post pictures of yourself and your tea!

  2. Ha, totally. Someday I do want to do that. I mean seriously… what could be more sweet…

    And yes, I do need more pics. I’m working on it. Hopefully I’ll be adding pics regularly now-a-days.

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