Li Shan – Pear Mountain

I’ve been enjoying some tea from Li Shan in Taiwan (translated ‘pear mountain). Li Shan tea is widely regarded as the best tea in Taiwan. The mountain used to be quite the place for pears… thus its name.

glass of li shan tea

There are, of course, different grades of tea from any mountain. The glass I was enjoying above, is some stuff that a Taiwanese friend of mine gifted me. I believe it’s a winter tea (grown during the winter… pretty self explanatory). I love the Taiwanese teas that my friend has given me before from Li Shan. They truly are some superb teas.

The aroma from the bag is very grassy, but when brewed it becomes very floral: sweet and flowery with a hint of the grassy-ness still pushing its way through.

Personally, I like the first pour of this tea. It’s a little bit sharper the the second and third pour, but I tend to like stronger flavors. For this tea, I’ve found that boiling water is good. Especially on your second and third pours, if you have boiling (or just after boiling) water, it helps to bring the flavor out. It also depends on how fresh the leaves are, I think. If they’re a few weeks after opening, you want to use hotter water. If they’re just opened, you can probably go with water just a tad cooler.

When freshly opened, these leaves last me a lot of pours. I use a little yixing teapot that’s one teacup for me. I get maybe 5 to 7 pours out of one pot, which is a little less than a tablespoon of the leaves.

If you’re anything of a tea aficionado or connoisseur, you need to try some Li Shan tea at some point in your tea drinking career. It really is worth it.

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